Mill 42- Manufacturing Dreams

October 24th, 2011

Mill 42 is an exhibition space in one of Belgium’s oldest carpet mills, New Franco Belge. The carpets produced by New Franco Belge are exquisite and made of the finest Belgian linens. We are BIG fans here at Studio Four and love seeing their carpets installed in our clients’ projects.

Recently New Franco Belge’s owner, Pascal Meersschaert, visited the Studio Four showroom to give us a preview of some new carpet designs he has in the works. Of course, we loved the new designs! Pascal also told us about Mill 42 and the Lebanese artist and photographer, Charbel Abou Zeidan, who recently collaborated with Mill 42 on a photography and video exhibit entitled Manufacturing Dreams. Zeidan was given unlimited access to the vaulting corridors of New Franco Belge, and he has captured the most fascinating images! I’ve always been a little weirdly fascinated by factories of the early 20th century, but Manufacturing Dreams brings a whole new life to my fascination.

Some photos from the exhibit are below, but be sure to also watch the video Mill42- Manufacturing Dreams- Charbel Abou Zeidan.

I found myself staring at the computer completely transfixed!

Manufacturing Dreams is on display at the factory until the end of the year.

“Métier 03”

“Bibliothèque Jacquards 02”

“Chaines Jute”

“Bâti De L’arlequin”

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