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Studio Four NYC Wovens + Prada

Friday, October 7th, 2016

These wovens from our own Studio Four NYC collection are the epitome of hip refinement. Who can marry those two worlds better than Miuccia Prada? Thankfully our own collection is worthy of such associations.


From top to bottom – Brussels in Antelope, Coco in Diagonal, & handwoven fabric by our in-house weaver Amazon in Coral (Photo from backstage of Prada Fall 2015 show)

Ridiculous Brain Fabric Friday

Friday, March 18th, 2016

Do you ever have weeks, or maybe even months, where you find yourself trying to do so much at once that you end up wondering if you are successfully completing anything at all? Well, that is me this month. Lots of insanity, mostly good insanity and I am thankful for it all – but WOW, let’s just say I get more than a little excited for Fridays lately!!

So here is a look inside my ridiculously cluttered brain on this sunny Fabric Friday

Fabric Friday 3.18.16

And here are close up images of the fabrics schemes I am feeling right now in a big way. I mean, my 5yr old son did inform me yesterday that spring officially begins in 2 days… so why not get a little giddy for some fun florals right?!

Happy Fabric Friday friends!

Fabric Friday 3.18.16 (2)

Clockwise from top left: Tulu Textiles, Kezban; Luru Home, Fish Bowl in Peony; Studio Four NYC Textiles, San Fernando in 14-16

Fabric Friday 3.18.16 (3)

Clockwise from top left: Arjumand’s World, Flower Pale Blue; Studio Four NYC Textiles, Suysel in 14-03B; Alamwar Textiles, Peshawar in Corn Flower Blue, Sky Blue & Sage

Fabric Friday 3.18.16 (4)

Clockwise from top left: Clare Frost, Flower in Apricot; Studio Four NYC Textiles, Blue Jeans in Charcoal; Walter G Textiles, Hanami in Chalk

Fabric Friday 3.18.16 (5)

Clockwise from top left: Studio Four NYC Textiles, Mekong in Emerald; Ferrick Mason, Lexington in Dogwood; Clay McLaurin, Elena in Gulf

Fabric Friday 3.18.16 (6)

Clockwise from top left: Lake August, Agave Americana in Del Mar; Rebecca Atwood, Dashes in Soft Tangerine; Studio Four NYC Textiles, Bogeta in 12-02C



Studio Four NYC + New York Spaces Magazine

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Thank you to New York Spaces Magazine for the feature in the special Fall Design issue!

If you haven’t been into the showroom yet, make your way over. We always have new and unique treasures on display and in rotation. Not to mention, it’s always such a treat to see what Soraya has on her loom.

See you soon!


New York Spaces Press 1

New York Spaces Press 2

On the loom

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

Weaving is an art form that necessitates a close relationship between creativity, technique, and functionality. While seemingly restrictive, it takes a true master of color and vision to produce a handwoven fabric that is both exciting and livable, tactile and refined.

Soraya, our resident master weaver, draws her inspiration from her daily life in this bustling urban landscape we call home. Since she is always busy developing samples for custom projects or new in-house collections, we thought we would take a peak and see what beautiful things she has on the loom this month…

Woven Inspo

“While impatiently waiting for the train like everyone else in the subway station, I was looking down to see how muddy my shoes had gotten since it was a rainy day and my favorite boots are not so rain friendly. I forgot all about the mud and was instead drawn to the dark grey dirty subway platform, the faded yellow paint there to warn us not to stand to close to the edge and how good it all looked with my current favorite shoes.


When creating a custom swatch, you’re able to design with Soraya using color and texture. Most fun of all, we have an amazing selection of yarn colors and styles in our weaving studio that suit any project. If you’d like to work with her, you can make an appointment through the showroom.

poms winding 2


Fabric Friday + Kufri

Friday, October 16th, 2015

Kate chose this stunner for #fabricfriday: Kufri’s Kyra handwoven ikat fabric.

Kufri Kyra

This fabric looks fabulous as throw pillows, as seen in this super fun styling by Amber Interiors.

amber interiors kufri life (1)

Check out Kufri’s other amazing handwoven fabrics & stop by the showroom to see these beauties in person!

Fabric Friday + Eskayel

Friday, September 25th, 2015

Happy Fabric Friday! Today we are going to take a more complete look at the amazing handwoven Ikat fabrics from our friends at Eskayel.

The heirloom quality fabric panels are the result of a collaboration between Eskayel and Threads of Life, expertly woven by the craftspeople on the island of Sumba, Indonesia. For the first time in history, these weavers have incorporated non-traditional motifs into their timeless craft and the result is breathtaking.


Shanan and Nick at Eskayel made a selection of their signature motifs and simplified them to be used with this traditional Ikat technique called Hinggi.

ikat eskayel

Each piece is unique and handcrafted, made in a limited batch of 6-8 panels by one weaving community in rural Indonesia.

Threads of Life is a fair trade organization that supports culture and economic stability in isolated communities with limited resources and opportunity. Their work in rural Indonesia has reached 1,000 women on 11 islands and has helped establish numerous independent weaving cooperatives across the region. This not only helps preserve an amazing traditional skill, but also helps these communities manage their resources and seek financial security while expressing their cultural identity.

ikat eskayel 2

Check out their selection of beautiful Ikat panels and goods before they’re gone! The most covetable pillows, throws and fabrics are available in very limited quantities.




Call or stop in the showroom today for trade pricing and info!

Scheme of the Week, No. 32

Friday, September 20th, 2013

Summer is over, and we are stepping into fall here in NYC… but more importantly, I am finally getting my act together and posting a Scheme of the Week!

The timing for this particular scheme actually could not be better. Studio Four’s own Stacy and Soraya have just jetted off to London to launch our new handwoven collection of fabrics for Studio Four Textiles. I am so incredibly proud of Soraya and all her hard work on these new designs- they are truly stunning!

Cheers to all our friends at Decorex. I’ll be back on Monday to post some pictures of the show and all the new fabrics. But here is a Scheme of the Week that gives you a sneak peak at two of the new designs…

photo 1-5


photo 2-5


photo 3-4

Products featured above:

– Ferrick Mason’s Mr. Rowe fabric in the Grass Fog color way would make some great curtains in this imaginary room.
– Twenty2’s Jute grasscloth in Heron provides a nice texture to the walls of this scheme.
 – Zak and Fox’s Kesa fabric in Umber is such a perfect little geometric pattern- I just love it!
– The two handwoven fabrics are new additions to Studio Four Textiles. The grey diamond is called Darling and is seen here in the Steel shade, and the other is our new Congo fabric in Indigo. Both are super luxurious!
– Last but definitely not least is one of my favorite rugs. It is a flat weave with a Moroccan shag that makes up the chevron design. So soft and gorgeous!

Weaver Lady

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

For those of you who don’t already know, Studio Four is the home to a very talented and super cool weaver…

We would like to introduce you to the fantastic Soraya Shah

Soraya has been with Studio Four since we opened a little over three years ago, and she is constantly amazing me with her incredibly beautiful handwoven fabrics. I swear this lady is so amazing with color that she should have a side job with Pantone!

Here’s a sneak peak of what Soraya has been up to lately:

Blacks and whites with a bit of gold are the next color experiment for Soraya

Our happy weaver doing what she does best… preparing yarn for the loom.

New yarn textures that we are excited to incorporate into some fall fabric designs

Fall color inspiration

Warps ready for the loom

The swatches above are some of my new favorites!

A special ombre stripe fabric Soraya created for one of Tilton Fenwick’s super fabulous projects. I can’t wait to see the finished product installed!

And here is the same lovely stripe but in a totally different colorway. These vibrant melon and pink tones were chosen by another “queen of color”… the uber-talented Amanda Nisbet.

So if you haven’t come to this conclusion on your own already… Soraya Shah is Studio Four’s secret weapon! She’s fun and fabulous and one of the most captivating people I know. I promise she will make your next visit to the Studio Four showroom well worth the trip!