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Clay McLaurin’s New Stripe Collection

Monday, September 12th, 2016

Clay McLaurin, whose earthy line of fabrics is one of our favorites here in the showroom, just debuted a new stripe collection that is absolutely drool-worthy.

Each design is digitally printed on beautiful Belgian linen upholstery weight fabric – great for a handsome chair or summery drapes. We are very excited to see these guys put to use. They look perfectly at home here on the beach, flawlessly coordinating with the cool sandy, drift wood neutrals.







Call or stop by the showroom for samples and trade pricing!


Ridiculous Brain Fabric Friday

Friday, March 18th, 2016

Do you ever have weeks, or maybe even months, where you find yourself trying to do so much at once that you end up wondering if you are successfully completing anything at all? Well, that is me this month. Lots of insanity, mostly good insanity and I am thankful for it all – but WOW, let’s just say I get more than a little excited for Fridays lately!!

So here is a look inside my ridiculously cluttered brain on this sunny Fabric Friday

Fabric Friday 3.18.16

And here are close up images of the fabrics schemes I am feeling right now in a big way. I mean, my 5yr old son did inform me yesterday that spring officially begins in 2 days… so why not get a little giddy for some fun florals right?!

Happy Fabric Friday friends!

Fabric Friday 3.18.16 (2)

Clockwise from top left: Tulu Textiles, Kezban; Luru Home, Fish Bowl in Peony; Studio Four NYC Textiles, San Fernando in 14-16

Fabric Friday 3.18.16 (3)

Clockwise from top left: Arjumand’s World, Flower Pale Blue; Studio Four NYC Textiles, Suysel in 14-03B; Alamwar Textiles, Peshawar in Corn Flower Blue, Sky Blue & Sage

Fabric Friday 3.18.16 (4)

Clockwise from top left: Clare Frost, Flower in Apricot; Studio Four NYC Textiles, Blue Jeans in Charcoal; Walter G Textiles, Hanami in Chalk

Fabric Friday 3.18.16 (5)

Clockwise from top left: Studio Four NYC Textiles, Mekong in Emerald; Ferrick Mason, Lexington in Dogwood; Clay McLaurin, Elena in Gulf

Fabric Friday 3.18.16 (6)

Clockwise from top left: Lake August, Agave Americana in Del Mar; Rebecca Atwood, Dashes in Soft Tangerine; Studio Four NYC Textiles, Bogeta in 12-02C