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Ambriel Floyd + Acne Studios

Monday, December 12th, 2016

Sometimes it’s the unexpected color combinations that make the biggest impression. Color master Ambriel Floyd uses color and sharp geometric shapes in careful balance to immediately add interest to any room. And Acne Studios uses the same formula to capture looks that are uniquely daring.


New St. Frank Patterns

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

St. Frank shares our undying love for vintage textiles, and have crafted a fabric and wallpaper collection based on their amazing store of worldly goods. Sometimes we fall in love with a vintage piece, but it ends up being only a remnant or it is too delicate to use or it is not quite the right color… well St. Frank answered our prayers.

These fabrics and wallpapers by the yard are digitally printed, high resolution scans of their most popular pieces in repeat and made to order. So remember that perfectly worn African Kuba Cloth textile fragment you saw at the Brooklyn Flea? Well now you can wallpaper an accent wall with the pattern or upholster your favorite club chair in three color options.

Contact your salesperson or stop by the showroom for samples of both fabrics and wallpapers!




Aqua Pomegranate Suzani Wallpaper


Pink Diamond Huipil fabric


Chintamani wallpaper


Pangden fabric


Blue Tulip Suzani wallpaper


Indigo Beads fabric

Studio Four NYC Wovens + Prada

Friday, October 7th, 2016

These wovens from our own Studio Four NYC collection are the epitome of hip refinement. Who can marry those two worlds better than Miuccia Prada? Thankfully our own collection is worthy of such associations.


From top to bottom – Brussels in Antelope, Coco in Diagonal, & handwoven fabric by our in-house weaver Amazon in Coral (Photo from backstage of Prada Fall 2015 show)

St. Frank Textiles Wallpaper & Fabrics

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

The latest thing to drop in the showroom has been this amazing collection of wallpapers and fabrics from our favorite vintage textile purveyors, St. Frank. They have tirelessly sourced vintage and handmade fabrics from around the world to bring us a collection of goods “by the yard” to satisfy all our textile junkie cravings.

The products are made from meticulously scanned and manipulated textiles like woven Kuba pieces from the Congo and dyed Indigo fabric from Mali. The end result is dramatic but inviting wall-coverings and upholstery weight fabrics that bring the world into focus.

Their booth at ICFF showcased their new wallcoverings next to their classic framed treasures and we could have easily walked out of there with the whole collection if our bank accounts allowed it. We cannot wait to see how these will be incorporated into some truly beautiful spaces.

Dyed Arrows and Kuba ICFF

St. Frank booth at ICFF

Kuba Cloth Wallpaper

Kuba Cloth wallpaper in Amber

Dyed Arrows Wallpaper Installed

Indigo Dyed Arrows wallpaper in Midnight

Dyed Arrows Wallpaper

Indigo Dyed Arrows wallpaper in Midnight

indigo dyed arrows wallpaper bedroom 2

Indigo Dyed Arrows wallpaper in Midnight

dyed arrows fabric

Indigo Dyed Arrows fabric in Stone Blue

dyed arrows fabric 2

Indigo Dyed Arrows fabric in Stone Blue

tree of live wallpaper bathroom 3

Tree of Life wallpaper

Tree of Life Wallpaper

Tree of Life wallpaper

Call or stop by the showroom for samples and trade pricing!


Ridiculous Brain Fabric Friday

Friday, March 18th, 2016

Do you ever have weeks, or maybe even months, where you find yourself trying to do so much at once that you end up wondering if you are successfully completing anything at all? Well, that is me this month. Lots of insanity, mostly good insanity and I am thankful for it all – but WOW, let’s just say I get more than a little excited for Fridays lately!!

So here is a look inside my ridiculously cluttered brain on this sunny Fabric Friday

Fabric Friday 3.18.16

And here are close up images of the fabrics schemes I am feeling right now in a big way. I mean, my 5yr old son did inform me yesterday that spring officially begins in 2 days… so why not get a little giddy for some fun florals right?!

Happy Fabric Friday friends!

Fabric Friday 3.18.16 (2)

Clockwise from top left: Tulu Textiles, Kezban; Luru Home, Fish Bowl in Peony; Studio Four NYC Textiles, San Fernando in 14-16

Fabric Friday 3.18.16 (3)

Clockwise from top left: Arjumand’s World, Flower Pale Blue; Studio Four NYC Textiles, Suysel in 14-03B; Alamwar Textiles, Peshawar in Corn Flower Blue, Sky Blue & Sage

Fabric Friday 3.18.16 (4)

Clockwise from top left: Clare Frost, Flower in Apricot; Studio Four NYC Textiles, Blue Jeans in Charcoal; Walter G Textiles, Hanami in Chalk

Fabric Friday 3.18.16 (5)

Clockwise from top left: Studio Four NYC Textiles, Mekong in Emerald; Ferrick Mason, Lexington in Dogwood; Clay McLaurin, Elena in Gulf

Fabric Friday 3.18.16 (6)

Clockwise from top left: Lake August, Agave Americana in Del Mar; Rebecca Atwood, Dashes in Soft Tangerine; Studio Four NYC Textiles, Bogeta in 12-02C