Caroline Z Hurley Brooklyn, NY

Caroline Zucchero Hurley is a designer and painter who believes that our homes should be sources of comfort and creativity – a beautiful home is essential to human happiness. She’s also an obsessive traveler, roaming the world in search of inspiration. Each of her collections is based on a unique place: Essaouira, Morocco; Oaxaca City, Mexico; Antigua, Guatemala; Florence, Italy; Joshua Tree, California. Caroline immerses herself in the textures, colors, and culture of the places she visits, then returns to her Brooklyn, New York studio to design her cozy, modern collections.

Caroline produces all of her pieces using the cottage industry and has cultivated direct, personal relationships with a network of artisan manufacturers. She works with block printers in New Bedford, Massachusetts, ceramicists in North Carolina, quilters in New Jersey, and weavers in Peru, Guatemala, and Mexico.

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