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T 212.475.4414  F 212.475.4434   info@studiofournyc.com
Hours: Monday-Friday 9 am - 5 pm

openarrow1  HOUSE BEAUTIFUL July/August 2014


Top Center: Tres Tintas butterfly wallpaper in Color 1.

openarrow1  VOGUE July 2014


Top Left: Tulu Handpainted Elif Charger available in our online store, The Market.

openarrow1  VOGUE ONLINE July 2014


Top Left: Tulu Orhan Blue Handprinted Napkins fabric available in our online store,
The Market.

openarrow1  HOUSE & GARDEN UK June 2014


Bottom Left: Studio Four Textiles Amazon fabric
Top Right: Tulu Madame Farfalla Pillow available in our online store, The Market.

openarrow1  AVENUE June 2014


Top right: Carrier and Company's Stepping Stones Rug
Top center: Tulu Timor Pillows both available in our online store, The Market.

openarrow1  HOUSE BEAUTIFUL April 2014


Bottom right: Tulu Handpainted Enamel Trays. Available in our online store, The Market.

openarrow1  HOUSE BEAUTIFUL April 2014

We're featured in House Beautiful's Shop America! Guide. They call us "An insider's source for hard-to-find textiles, wallpaper, and rugs... Sought-after lines such as Maruja, Tulu, and Boeme Design are mixed with Studio Four's own fabrics and pillows.


openarrow1  ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST April 2014


Muriel Brandolini's Hamptons house with custom abaca rug by Studio Four NYC.

openarrow1  COASTAL LIVING June 2014


#7: Studio Four Textiles' Rio Grande fabric in Arctic.

openarrow1  BRITISH HOMES & GARDENS February 2014


Round Cushion: Studio Four Textiles Amazon Coral Large Round Pillow. Purchase it from our online store, The Market.


Assorted pillows from the Studio Four Textiles Collection. Purchase them from our online store, The Market.

openarrow1  CONNECTICUT COTTAGES & GARDENS February 2014


Bottom left: Katie Ridder's Ridder Diamond in Sage Green

see it in our online store, The Market…

openarrow1  ELLE DECOR December 2013


Left rug: Carrier & Company's Waterlilies in Indigo

see it in our online store, The Market…

openarrow1  HOUSE BEAUTIFUL November 2013


top center: Congo in Emerald from our Studio Four Textiles line

openarrow1  HOUSE BEAUTIFUL ONLINE November 2013


SANTA HAT: "Our French bulldog Flo - named for legendary wallpaper designer Florence Broadhurst - was just a puppy when we got her last Christmas. We gave her an Urban Outfitters Frenchie pillow that looks just like her, but she mostly tries to ignore it!"
-Stacy Waggoner, partner, Studio Four NYC

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openarrow1  TRADITIONAL HOME November/December 2013


openarrow1  HOUSE BEAUTIFUL ONLINE October 2013


The beginning of October marked the newly launched online shopping site "The Market" for Studio Four. Based in New York City, Studio Four's showroom is the ultimate designer destination for rugs, wallcoverings, and fabrics. The new online store is no exception. Now, no matter where you live, you can shop fabulous rugs from A-list designers, Amanda Nisbet, Carrier & Company, Katie Ridder, and Tilton Fenwick and the uniquely beautiful bedding, pillows, and shawls from Istanbul based Tulu Textiles. Shopping from home, perhaps in the very room that will be punched up with a new rug, or in the bedroom that's getting a bedding makeover is a luxurious (and practical!) new reality. What could be better? Stay tuned. We have a feeling Studio Four will continue to outdo themselves as they add new lust-worthy accessories, one of a kind rugs, fabric remnants, and Nepalese cashmere blankets throughout the next month.

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openarrow1  ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST ONLINE October 17, 2013


Studio Four NYC, the New York showroom known for its well-edited array of designer rugs, fabrics, and wall coverings, has partnered with four designers to create its first-ever exclusive rug collection. Utilizing the creative powers of Amanda Nisbet Design, Carrier & Co., Katie Ridder, and Tilton Fenwick, the firm has produced a charming and fresh range of carpets.


Aside from the instruction to create two patterns each, the designers were given complete freedom - which is what makes the beauty of the assortment so pleasantly surprising. The motifs, from Tilton Fenwick's playful floral to Ridder's mesmerizing geometric diamond scheme, are widely varied yet complementary. "Weird as it is, they work together so well," says Kate Reynolds, who co-owns the company with Stacy Waggoner. "They're displayed in the showroom now, and I'm amazed by how pretty they look together."

top left: Waterlilies by Carrier & Co.
top right: Ridder Diamond by Katie Ridder
bottom left: Tilton Fenwick's Fenwick Floral
bottom right: Amanda Nisbet's Amped Up

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openarrow1  THE NEW YORK TIMES October 3, 2013


Studio Four NYC, which produces custom rugs for interior designers, has partnered with four of its frequent collaborators to introduce its first rug collection. Amanda Nisbet Design, Carrier and Company, Katie Ridder and Tilton Fenwick each designed two patterns in three color schemes, which are available to regular consumers and the trade.

"These four designers are loved by many, but not everybody can afford to have them do their homes," said Kate Temple Reynolds, an owner, with Stacy Waggoner, of Studio Four NYC. Each design firm was encouraged to go off in its own direction. For instance, Carrier and Company took inspiration from antique Japanese indigo-dyed textiles in its gestural Stepping Stones rug, while Ms. Ridder based her basketweave-like Gigi rug on an iPad art project by her youngest daughter. Ms. Nisbet's Capri pattern, shown, takes its character from brush strokes. The rugs come in three sizes and cost $2,600 to $10,400.

shop the Designer Rug Collection…
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openarrow1  LONNY October 7, 2013


Now Online: Studio Four

It's a big week for Studio Four. Not only did they launch a new e-commerce site where you can shop bedding, designer collab - a collection of rugs from Katie Ridder, Carrier & Company, Amanda Nisbet and Tilton Fenwick - made its debut. I've got my eye on this handmade wool dhurrie, pictured.

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openarrow1  ELLE DECOR October 2013


top right: Boeme's Plumes Linen

openarrow1  HOUSE BEAUTIFUL September 2013


middle row, right: Walter G's Polka linen in Khashish Dark

openarrow1  CTC&G October 2013


top left: Steve McKenzies' Indigo Gingham in Oyster Ground


top right: Boeme's Plumes Linen


draped over sofa back (floral on white ground): Eskayel's Up for Anything in Rooster


top (green on white): Michael Devine's Sutton in leaf
right (multi-color geometric): Flock's Northmore Major in Multi

openarrow1  HOUSE BEAUTIFUL September 2013


middle row, right: Walter G's Polka linen in Khashish Dark

openarrow1  LONNY September 2013


bottom right, graphic black and white print: Zak + Fox's Uroko

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openarrow1  LUXE Summer 2013


Allison Hennessy chooses Studio Four as one of her favorite places:

"Studio Four NYC is an amazing rug and textile showroom located on the second floor of a Stanford White building in the Flatiron District. Original floors, high ceilings and arched windows create a hip setting for exploring the store's latest offerings. Many of the carpets, fabrics and wallpapers at Studio Four have a handmade bespoke feel; there is even a weaver on-site who can loom anything your heart desires!"

openarrow1  HOUSE BEAUTIFUL July/Aug 2013


bottom left: Flat Vernacular's Flora in Soft Focus

openarrow1  HOUSE BEAUTIFUL June 2013


top row, center: Abnormals Anonymous' Spot in Royale
bottom row, center: Pintura Studio's Escorial in Granny Apple

openarrow1  DEPARTURES May 2013


bottom left, black, white & yellow wallpaper: Florence Broadhurst's Steps

openarrow1  HOUSE BEAUTIFUL May 2013


top left: Prague Redondo in Willow

openarrow1  HOME OBSERVER Spring 2013


middle right: Edit's Chinois Hemp fabric



Flat Vernacular's Flora in English Garden


top right: Tres Tintas's No 5 #VH5_B1, Bodini Collection, by Carrie Van Hise
middle left: Tres Tintas's No 7 #VH7_A1, Bodini Collection, by Carrie Van Hise


Flat Vernacular's Eyelets in Stare


Flat Vernacular's Metropolis in Belgravia

openarrow1  TRADITIONAL HOME May 2013


bottom right: Abnormals Anonymous' A Beautiful Mind wallpaper

openarrow1  FLOWER MAGAZINE Spring 2013


Wallpaper: Florence Broadhurst's Birds of Paradise

openarrow1  ELLE DECOR April 2013

Elle-Decor-April-2013-1 Elle-Decor-April-2013-2

Pintura Studio's Othello fabric

openarrow1  IN STYLE April 2013


center right: Eskayel's Crown Jewels Dark Prima


openarrow1  NYC&G March 2013


front pillow: Steve McKenzie's scallop fabric

openarrow1  VOGUE.COM March 2013


Sheila Bridges' Harlem Toile de Jouy wallpaper

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openarrow1  ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST March 2013


top left: Michael Devine's Victoria Linen in Absinthe on Ivory

openarrow1  HOUSE BEAUTIFUL February 2013


bottom right: Combray Duo linen in Cyclamen/Indigo by Michael Devine

openarrow1  VERANDA January/February 2013


Studio Four NYC rug in bedroom designed by Bunny Williams

openarrow1  TRAD HOME Fall 2012


Feature on our in-house weaver Soraya Shah:
"…My family moved to Quito, Ecuador, when I was 8, and on the weekends, my dad would pile us into the car, and we would drive to the mountains. It was there that weaving made its first impression on me."

see article on page 30...

openarrow1  INTERIOR DESIGN October 31, 2012


Tres Tintas Barcelona's Caras Tres in 1994_3

openarrow1  LONNY October 2012


Abnormals Anonymous wallpaper feature:
"…Their papers transform sea creatures, safari animals, and insects into contemporary neo-toile patterns."

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openarrow1  ELLE DECOR November 2012


bottom left: Selvedge Handwoven for Studio Four custom fabrics woven by our in-house weaver, Soraya Shah.

openarrow1  LUXE Summer 2012


Living Room Rug by Studio Four


openarrow1  NEW YORK COTTAGES & GARDENS September 2012


Studio Four rug featured in a living room designed by Amanda Nisbet.


top right: Michael Devine's Garden Folly in Cyclamen
bottom center: Brett Design's Diamond Ice Wallpaper in Aqua

openarrow1  TRADITIONAL HOME September 2012


#6 above: Michael Devine's Venice in Coral

openarrow1  HOUSE BEAUTIFUL September 2012

House-Beautiful-September2012 House-Beautiful-September2012-2

Caracas by Selvedge Handwovens, our house line

openarrow1  ELLE DECOR September 2012

Elle-Decor-September2012 Elle-Decor-September2012-2

Little Havana wallpaper in Perido by Paper Mills

openarrow1  HOUSE BEAUTIFUL July/August 2012

House-Beautiful-July2012 House-Beautiful-July2012-2

Dandelion Creatures by Flat Vernacular

openarrow1  TRADITIONAL HOME July/August 2012

Trad-Home-JulyAug2012 Trad-Home-JulyAug2012-2

Dharma by Studio Four NYC

openarrow1  LONNY June/July 2012


When Kate Reynolds and Stacy Waggoner, two Southern transplants in New York City, founded Studio Four in 2009, they dreamed of creating a design resource center that was warm and welcoming … "Stacy and I had both worked at companies that were very corporate," says Rennolds. "We wanted to create a place that was friendly and reflected our Southern roots."
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green & white wallpaper on left: Madison and Grow's Michelle in Adirondacks on the
Front Porch


top photo: Snake by Brett Design in Chloe Bag Camel & South Hampton Lilacs


rightmost wallpaper: Flat Vernacular's Dandelion Creatures in Greener Pastures

openarrow1  TRADITIONAL HOME April 2012


bottom left: Studio Four's Lollipop Rug
"We love this hip take on a kilim rug. Throw this colorful tapestry-woven carpet down in any room, and you've got an immediate wow factor." - Anne Maxwell Foster & Suysel dePedro Cunningham, Tilton Fenwick

openarrow1  VOGUE.COM March 2012


Eskayel's Dynasty wallpaper in Taylor Tomasi Hill's New York apartment

"I am obsessed with texture" says Hill, photographed in the entranceway of her Chelsea home. "Sometimes I think I want a whitewashed apartment, but in the end I can't manage to stay away from color. My wallpaper is from Eskayel from Studio Four in New York, and the tie-dye adds an awesome layer to the wall." see article...

openarrow1  VOGUE March 2012


bottom left: Doug & Gene Meyer's Try Angular handknotted rug

openarrow1  TRADITIONAL HOME February 2012


bottom right: Sheila Bridges' Dragon Flower wallpaper

openarrow1  ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST GERMANY February 2012


Doug and Gene Meyer rug in background

openarrow1  TOWN & COUNTRY January 2012

Studio Four fabrics featured in the 2012 Town & Country Designer Visions Showhouse by Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller of Carrier & Co., inspired by the 2002 indie film,
Igby Goes Down.


curtains - Warfield from Ferrick Mason
pillows on sofa - Criss Cross from Ferrick Mason
skirted table - Salvador by Selvedge Handwoven


shades fabric, top right - Ondee by Dominique Picquier


pillows - Zinnia from Prints Etc.
curtains - Madison from Madison & Grow


orange pillows - Medina from Prints Etc.
beige pillows - Ondee from Dominique Picquier

openarrow1  HOUSE BEAUTIFUL  December 2011 / January 2012


Edit's Multi print, created by photographing designer Sharyn Storrier Lyneham's own scarves.

openarrow1  ELLE DECOR  October 2011

ELLEdecor_oct2011 ELLEdecor_oct2011b ELLEdecor_oct2011c

Theory's Andrew Rosen and designer Jenny Dyer's residence: rugs throughout are handwoven natural linen rugs from studio four.
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openarrow1  HOUSE BEAUTIFUL  September 2011


#30: Studio Four Textiles' Tigris in Leaf

openarrow1  HOUSE BEAUTIFUL  July/August 2011

Harry Heissman Instant Room:
Yellow fabric at left: Katherine Rally
Multicolor fabric at right: Edit's Harlequin

openarrow1  TRADITIONAL HOME  July/August 2011

Guest Bedroom: Arden Stephenson
Headboards & Dust Ruffles: Kamofleur Kollection's Astrid
Rug: Florence Broadhurst's Turnabout
Throws: Soraya Shah for Selvedge Handwoven
Benches: Prints Etc's Small Key

openarrow1  ELLE DECOR  June 2011

Chairs and sofa: Florence Broadhurst's Circles & Squares
Bench: Kamofleur Kollection's Astrid

Rug: Liora Manne's Souzani Diamond

openarrow1  MATCHBOOK MAGAZINE  June 2011

A profile of our studio is in this online magazine, pages 78-81.
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openarrow1  ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST  March 2011

Florence Broadhurst's Yvan's Geometric wallpaper

openarrow1  HOUSE BEAUTIFUL  February 2011

Jocelyn Warner's pink Paper

openarrow1  NEW YORK MAGAZINE  November 2010

Almendro wallpaper by Tres Tintas installed in a powder bath designed by client Rita Konig.
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openarrow1  GARDEN & GUN  September 2010

Ferrick Mason fabrics

openarrow1  DEPARTURES  September 2010

Papermills' Baltimore Two Times

openarrow1  ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST  June 2010

Kate Gabriel's Paisley and Studio Four's own Selvedge Handwoven's Orbison Stripe fabrics

openarrow1  HOUSE BEAUTIFUL  June 2010

Jocelyn Warner's Flora wallpaper

openarrow1  HOUSE BEAUTIFUL  May 2010

Tres Tintas Lettras i Tipos wallpaper

Eskayel's Capri Kiss wallpaper in Sea Green

openarrow1  CONNECTICUT COTTAGES AND GARDEN  February 2010

Florence Broadhurst's Bird of Paradise

lower right: Florence Broadhurst by Cadrys Rug

openarrow1  CANADIAN HOUSE AND HOME  2010

Bottom right: Florence Broadhurst, Birds of Paradise, Venetian veil
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openarrow1  IN STYLE  December 2009

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