Skinny and wide stripe pattern. In blue and black. Clay Mclaurin Studio Andes Stripe Fabric

Linear and geometric pattern made of arrow shapes. In black and white. Clay Mclaurin Studio Arrow Fabric

Pairs of stripes made of rows of dots. In dark blue. Clay Mclaurin Studio Band Fabric

Pieces of broken horizontal stripes. Blue background with white stripes. Clay Mclaurin Studio Break Fabric

Horizontal brush stroke pattern in light blue. Clay Mclaurin Studio Brush Fabric

Geometric flower pattern in blue, navy, and light yellow/green. Vanderhurd Carolina Linen

Stripes in blue hues. Clay Mclaurin Studio Caspian Fabric

Branch, leaf, and flower pattern. White on dark blue with hints of gold. Clay Mclaurin Studio Cloister Fabric

Geometric pattern made of octagons, squares, and diamonds. In dark blue. Clay Mclaurin Studio Compass Fabric

Geometric pattern made up of hexagonal shapes. Taupe with coral and aqua blue. Vanderhurd Cordoba Linen