Photo of an interior design showroom with hardwood floors, white shelving and a curved window overlooking Manhattan.

About Studio Four NYC

Based in New York City, Studio Four was founded in 2009 to offer custom carpet and rugs, fabric and wallcovering for luxury projects.  We represent a mix of wallpaper and fabric lines created by design leaders and emerging boutiques from across the country and around the world.  Our in-house collections of fabric and wallpaper are designed in collaboration with artists and interior designers.

We create rugs that fit any design genre from sleek modern contemporary to very traditional and anything in between. We make completely custom rugs based on a design concept, artwork or idea and work with small production facilities around the world to create the most perfect translation of the design. We pride ourselves on our customer service and take care of the details in every step from concept to installation. We also offer a curated collection of broadloom carpets in sophisticated colors and textures.

Photo of a woman with auburn hair wearing a blue cardigan and a gold chain necklace, standing in front of piles of home textiles.

Stacy Waggoner

A collector with a curious nature, Stacy can’t get enough of just about anything. A consummate traveler, she always finds something to pick up along the way, and everything she finds she wants to know more about—studying and delving deep into how it was created. Stacy’s love of art and design traces back to her Texas roots, where she grew up in a house full of art and artists. She’s worked in the textile industry since she’s worked, and considers herself both a New Yorker and a Texan at heart.

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