A pile of wallpaer swatches in various plaster-printed textural patterns in shades of pink, mauve and cream. Swatch of wallpaper in a fuzzy, broken linear pattern. Pattern is light blue on a cream background.


Plaster-pros Celeste Coughlin and William Sanders developed a revolutionary technique for printing Venetian plaster on wallpaper using beeswax. Their wallpapers are highly customizable; layered with color and are crafted by hand in their Brooklyn, Studio.

A man and woman dressed in black and dark gray, smiling and standing in front of a wall papered in several different geometric prints.
Two overlapping swatches of wallpaper in three-dimensional irregular plastered line prints in shades of blue and cream.
Wallpaper swatch in a three-dimensional irregular checked plaster print in shades of black and light gray.
A pile of swatches of plaster-printed wallpaper in various patterns and shades of cream.