Wallpaper swatch with a repeating tree, deer and rabbit print in white on a light pink background. Swatch of light blue-gray teardrops in a repeat pattern on a cream background.
Hibou Home

Hibou Home

Playful yet sophisticated, the pint-sized style set would be lucky to have Hibou at Home. We can’t help but smile when we see the Kent, England-based brand’s wallpapers.

Black and white close-up of a woman with blonde hair looking at the camera with a serious expression.
A throw pillow with a large cactus on it sits on a wooden chair in front of a wall papered in a repeating cactus and cowboy print.
Close-up of a gray wooden bedframe with a gold letter "A" balanced on top in front of a wall papered in an animal face pattern.
Two papier maché animal heads mounted on a wall papered in an illustrated fir tree, deer and bear pattern.