A draped piece of woven fabric in a large-scale monochrome leaf print in blue on a tan background. A piece of woven fabric with a large-scale purple, orange and hunter-green floral print on a cream background.
Louise Jones

Louise Jones

When creating her patterns, Melbourne-based Louise Jones draws inspiration from the Australian native landscape surrounding her by painting original watercolors and photographing interesting foliage and textures. She then combines the two seamlessly with her other passion – textiles. Her fabrics and wallpapers are filled with bursts of color, botanical motifs and bold shapes.

A blonde woman wearing a long black dress seated in a low-slung black armchair, looking at the camera and resting her head on her hand.
Draped interior fabric in a dense flower and leaf pattern in shades of green, pale blue, yellow and pink on a black background.
Swatches of fabric and throw pillows sit on white stands in front of hanging patterned fabrics in shades of green and cream.
Close-up of a bed made with tan linens in front of a wall in a bold large-scale floral print on a black background.