Wallpaper swatch with a print of simple bird, sun and mountain motifs in shades of brown and blue on a cream background.
These Walls

These Walls

“If these walls could talk” - Inspired by the idea that the spaces around us resonate with our unique stories and that our interiors are deeply intertwined with conversations of living, founders Sara and Mick Hingle named their company, These Walls. Other than a few collaborations with other artists, all of their eco-friendly and nostalgia-tinged wallpaper and fabric designs are created by Sara and reflect the colors and patterns of their homeland in coastal Queensland, Australia.

Full-body portrait of a brunette woman wearing all white linen sitting on a wooden stool with her legs crossed.
Draped fabric yardage in a light gray and white geometric pattern catches some golden hour sunlight.
A bedroom with black wooden floors and panelling, a bed made up in olive sheets, and graphic black-and-white wallpaper.
Draped fabric yardage in a delicate green and white palmtree print hanging outside on a clothesline.