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SUMMER HOURS Monday - Thursday 9-5pm Friday 9-1pm


Can I visit your showroom?

Yes, we are open to both trade and retail clients Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm.

Studio Four NYC 900 Broadway, Suite 201 New York City between 19th and 20th Streets

Do I need an appointment?

Walk-ins are always welcome, but if you’re planning ahead, we’d love to know you’re coming. Please contact your salesperson or to make an appointment. We're always happy to schedule a virtual meeting, too.

If I’m not a designer, can I purchase your products?

Retail clients are invited to visit our showroom in person or explore our online shop via the SHOP tab at the top of this page.

For samples and price quotes on any of our represented lines, please contact

Note: Custom rugs and bespoke products are reserved only for our trade clients.

How do I open a trade account?

Simply fill out our trade registration application and we will be in touch once we’ve had a chance to review your submission (within 1-2 business days). Once approved for a trade account, you will receive a link to set up access to our online trade portal. 

If you have a more immediate need, email to let us know you’ve applied for a trade account and tell us the specifics of how we can help (sample request, price information, etc.)

Why do you ask for both EIN and Resale Certificate?

EIN (Employer Identification Number) indicates you are registered as a business entity with the IRS, whereas a resale certificate is issued by your state and authorizes you to collect and pay local sales tax on your orders.

I have an existing Studio Four account, do I need to send my application details again?

You don’t. Please reach out to your salesperson or and we can send you a link to set up your online trade portal account. 

How does the trade program work?

Trade accounts have 24/7 online access to see designer net pricing and make sample requests for all fabrics and wallpapers. Trade accounts can request quotes and samples for handmade rugs and broadloom carpets. We also offer a trade discount for our stocked products on our shoppable site. 

Please note that all accounts are on a proforma basis – Studio Four does not offer open accounts or net terms.

How do I get simple price information or a formal quote?

If you have a trade account: log in to your account to see fabric and wallpaper trade pricing online. Please note that online pricing can change without notice.

You can request a formal quote including shipping and any applicable fees from an item’s product page or you can email your salesperson directly. We honor pricing for 30 days on formal quotes.  

If you are a retail client: email and we can provide retail pricing or send you a formal quote with retail pricing. We honor pricing for 30 days on formal quotes.

With a trade account, can I place an order online for fabric or wallpaper?

We do not offer online shopping for our represented fabrics, wallpaper, handmade rugs and broadloom carpet.

Please email to inquire about our products, including as many details as you can such as order amount, shipping address, and sidemark.

We will then send you a formal quote including shipping and any applicable fees with a secure paylink, which can be paid by online using a credit card. We do not charge any processing fees for credit card payments.

Who is my salesperson?

If you have a trade account: your salesperson’s contact info is listed in your online account settings or you can email and we will point you in the right direction. 

If you are a retail client: please reach out to for assistance.

How do I order fabric and wallpaper samples?

If you have a trade account: login to your trade account and request samples online or contact your salesperson directly for samples. Samples will be mailed via USPS without tracking. Should you have an urgent request, contact your salesperson and provide your UPS or FedEx account number and speed of service requested. You can also pick up samples at our showroom.

If you are a retail client: you may order our Studio Four NYC samples directly from our website under SHOP. To request samples of our represented lines, please email Please note that not all of our lines make their samples available to retail customers. Samples will be mailed USPS.

How many samples can I order?

We’re excited you love Studio Four and the many boutique lines we represent. We want you to have the samples that you need, while being mindful of our vendors’ sample budgets. For requests of more than 25 samples, our team may reach out to clarify your needs. 

We are unable to stock your library with full lines. We hope you find our ‘download tearsheet’ function useful.

How do I order broadloom carpet and custom rug samples?

If you have a trade account, we have a limited number of carpet and rug samples available that we can send you - please reach out to your salesperson. We hope you find our ‘download tearsheet’ function useful.

Studio Four reserves the right to charge for any lost or damaged samples.


Do you have fabric and wallpaper in stock?

We do not stock any fabric or wallpaper in our showroom. Some of the lines we represent carry limited stock, so it’s always worth asking, but most lines are produced to order.

Do you offer any rush production options?

Many of our lines also offer expedited service for a fee. Please inquire.

How do you calculate lead times?

Lead times are based on receipt of payment, all approvals and all details necessary to place the order with our vendors. Certain times of the year, such as seasonal breaks and holiday closures, may cause delays.

What is the minimum order for your fabric and wallpaper?

All of the lines we represent have at least a 3 yard minimum for fabric and at least a 5 yard minimum for wallpaper. Some lines have higher minimums and in some cases, may offer a set up fee for orders under the minimum requirement. Please note all orders must be in full yards – no partial yard orders will be accepted.

Is custom color / ground / scale available?

We can customize many of our fabrics and wallpapers. Fees and minimums may apply. Your salesperson can guide you regarding any requirements for custom projects. All custom orders require a strike-off for approval.

Are your products suitable for contract or commercial use?

Many of our products can be produced specifically for commercial use. Your salesperson will handle inquiries on a case-by-case basis, including factors such as quantity needed and specifications required.

Are your products eco-friendly or sustainable?

Our wallpaper and fabric vendors have put a lot of effort into making their products using the most eco-friendly methods available. On request, we can offer specific information for the product you select. Studio Four and many of our represented lines print to order which curbs overproduction and wasted stock.

Do your fabrics have a stain finish?

We do not provide finished fabrics as many clients prefer to specify their own finish, which might react to any existing treatment.

Are CFAs available?

If a fabric is in stock, we can usually request a cutting for approval. If the line is based overseas, there may be a fee for shipping the cutting - please inquire.  

For fabrics and papers that are produced to order, cuttings are not available, but you may be able to send your own sample as a print reference - please inquire

What are cut lengths?

When a fabric is used for curtains, the workroom has calculated the number of cut lengths (cuts, drops, panels) they need to make the curtains, taking into account the height of the curtain, the hem and header, the material repeat, etc. Knowing your cut lengths means we can properly allocate the fabric for your order to work around realities like maximum print lengths, inventory roll sizes, weave marks or print errors. It does NOT mean we are cutting the panels for you. We will always ship the largest pieces available that can be used for the cuts specified.  

Think of it this way: unless you have 60 foot high ceilings, your workroom will have to cut a 20 yard bolt somewhere - knowing the size of those cuts will make sure your workroom will have enough fabric to properly make your curtains.

Why are there different formats for your wallpapers? Some are sold by linear yard, some by roll, or panel, or square foot, in different widths, etc

Our boutique lines are created in different locations around the world. Some countries have their own format for what they consider standard, some are handmade by artisans working on various table widths, and some offer trimmed vs. untrimmed papers. Each of our collections has its own personality and special attention must be paid to how the paper is sold. Please make sure your installer understands the width, repeat and format when calculating your needs.

How do your murals work?

It varies by vendor. Some are made in a fixed scale and design and are produced as regular wallpaper that takes several panels to make a full design repeat, while others are created by hand according to the specifics of the room. Some can be scaled up or down according to the size of the room and the desired focus of the design. Your salesperson can guide you.

Is wallpaper suitable for a wet area, like a bathroom or kitchen?

It's a good idea to avoid very wet or steamy environments with little or no ventilation. Many designs can be custom printed on a durable ground especially suited for wet areas. There are also commercially available finishes that can be applied post-installation by your installer.

Can you estimate my wallpaper?

We do not offer wallpaper estimates - you will need to contact a professional installer for an estimate. Most installers have their own requirements for calculations and overage and ultimately, they are responsible for specifying the quantity. 

The product listing on our website will have the width, repeat and format information that your installer needs to know when estimating. Please pay attention to dimensions and how the paper is sold - most of our papers are not sold in a “standard” format. If additional paper is required it will likely be from a new production and dyelot.

Do you have hanging instructions?

Our papers generally come with hanging instructions included in each roll. Instructions vary by vendor and paper type. Instructions for our own Studio Four wallpapers can be found here. You can also reach out to your salesperson to get specific instructions on your selection.

Do you offer installation services?

Studio Four does not offer installation of fabric or wallpaper. We offer installation services only on rugs and carpets sold to the trade.

Do you offer interior design services?

Studio Four does not offer design services.

What other showrooms carry your products?

Studio Four’s own fabric and wallpaper collection is available to the trade through Harbinger in Los Angeles, JAMES in Austin, Dallas and Houston, and Y&Co in Toronto.

May I cancel or return my order?

Please refer to our Returns page.


What types of rugs do you make?

We can make area rugs in many different fibers and they can be handwoven, handknotted, hand tufted and machine made. Our rugs can also be created for wall-to-wall installation.

We can also cut our broadloom carpets to your specifications and fabricate an area rug with finished edges.

How do I get a quote on a custom rug?

If you have one of our samples or are looking at our samples online, you can use the request quote function - or you can reach out to your salesperson directly with the quality, size and finish details, including delivery location.

Are your custom rugs in stock?

For the most part, our rugs are made to order, but some of our vendors might have inventory in standard rug sizes. Please inquire.

We also offer a small selection of rugs for sale from our showroom here.

Can I get a custom rug sample?

As most of our rugs are custom, we have limited samples and encourage you to use our ‘download tearsheet’ option.

Can I order a rug in a custom size? Custom color? Custom fiber?

Yes to all. Your salesperson can guide you through the process.

Do you have custom rugs for outdoor use?

We do have a selection of rugs suitable for using outdoors.

Where do you make your rugs?

Our custom rugs are created in many places around the world and many are produced using old-world techniques that are specific to a geographic region.

How long does it take to get my custom rug?

Lead time for custom rugs can vary depending on a number of factors. Your salesperson will inform you of the expected lead time.

What is broadloom?

Broadloom refers to carpets that are produced as standard roll goods in wide format and often in stock. They are typically used in wall to wall installation. Broadloom widths vary according to where they are produced, but common widths are 12’-0”, 13’-2”, 15’-0”. Our carpets are made around the world and produced in sizes typical of their country of origin. The product page will detail the width.

Why is Broadloom width important?

For broadloom sales, we are obligated to purchase the full width of any carpet, so your installation will be calculated using full widths and seams where necessary.

Can I custom color broadloom carpet?

A selection of our broadloom carpets are available in custom colors, but most are produced and stocked as standard.

Can you make an area rug with broadloom carpet?

We can use broadloom to make a rug to your size specifications and edge detail. This is a great way to get a customized area rug without starting from scratch. Your salesperson can guide you through the options.


How do I get a quote for a wall to wall installation? 

Share details about your shipping policies, item returns, or customer service.

Can you install stair runners?

Yes, we need the carpet quality, a floor plan, location and pertinent details, such as margin and finish detail to start a quote. Your salesperson will guide you through the process.

Can you do cutouts, specific shapes, or custom sizes? 

We can customize your installation to deal with architectural details such as fireplace hearths and irregular walls.

Is padding included?

We include padding to fit your rug, unless otherwise noted. We always recommend padding to extend the life of the rug. Wall to wall and stair installation quotes always include padding.

Can you rip up and remove existing carpet?

Yes, we can remove your existing carpet and padding when we install your new carpet. There is a fee based on the quantity.

Can I use my own installers?

Yes. Your installers will be responsible for all aspects of the installation and will specify the exact amount of carpet required, based on the full width of the carpet.

Can you ship or install anywhere? 

We can work with you to determine the best delivery method based on the location of the installation.We have installers who can travel to most locations and we also have relationships with installers in many US regions. For international locations, please inquire.

Do you offer Fibershield? 

We can offer Fibershield treatment in our workroom prior to installing your carpet. There is a fee based on quantity.

Do you offer Moth treatment?

We recommend you contact professional carpet cleaners who may be able to treat your wool rug or carpet.

What about cleaning? 

Regular vacuuming to remove household soil will extend the life of your carpet. Most fine carpets require a suction-only vacuum with no beater bar or rotating head.

For stains or excessive soil, we recommend you use professional carpet cleaners.