Wallpaper swatch in a repeating geometric print in tan on a white background. Four overlapping wallpaper swatches, all different colorways of the same pointilist grid pattern.
Virginia White Collection

Virginia White Collection

Virginia White’s bold, vibrantly colorful collection of fabrics and wallpapers reflect the influence of her favorite 20th Century artists and her background as an art historian and interior designer. She works with a team of young talented British designers to create handprinted wallpapers and fabrics that have a sense of being original works of art.

Close-up of a woman with a brunette bob wearing a black turtleneck, seated in front of a wooden bookshelf.
A pile of overlapping woven fabric swatches, all in the same curvy linear pattern in a variety of jeweltones.
A woven fabric swatch with a retro curvolinear pattern in shades of black, white, blue and red.
A pile of overlapping fabric swatches in a variety of prints in shades of red and cream, tagged with "Virginia White Collection" labels.