Wallpaper swatch with a repeating pennant banner pattern in shades of pink, green and yellow on a cream background. Wallpaper swatch with a dense pattern painted to mimic tilework, in shades of green, blue and yellow.


Sydney based Edit is known for colorful and painterly printed fabrics. Owner and director Inge Holst, who has an extensive background in fashion and costume design, has been an integral part of Edit since its 2007 launch under founder Sharyn Storrier Lyneham.

Repeating floral pattern with a paint-daubed texture in shades of green, turquoise and maroon.
Close-up of a bed made up with white sheets, with a headboard upholstered in a tile print in shades of black, blue and green.
Swatch of painted florals set in a repeating gridded pattern in shades of blue, pink and neon green.
An antique wooden armchair upholstered in a large-scale painted grid pattern sits in front of an olive wood-paneled wall.