Detail of a hand-woven cotton fabric in a stripe pattern in shades of teal, navy and cream.

Grace's Sky Woven

Designed and woven by women in Ghana, West Africa. 20% of profits return to local Ghana community.

Hand woven with 100% combed carbon-neutral cotton.

Although Boon & Up's hometown in Ghana is a 16-hour bus trip from the nearest airport, when the villagers look at the sky on a clear day, they can occasionally see airplanes from Europe flying high in the sky as they make their way to the capital, Accra. Head weaver Grace points at the vapor trails as they score the sky and wistfully says ‘one day I fly in the aeroplane’. 

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100% Cotton

Product Width


Vertical Repeat


Horizontal Repeat


Sold By

Linear Yard

Minimum Order

3 yards


4 -6 weeks

Ships From

Ghana / United Kingdom

Grace's Sky Woven