Detail of a hand-woven cotton fabric in an irregular stripe pattern in navy, red and pink on a white field.

Savannah Tracks Woven

Designed and woven by women in Ghana, West Africa. 20% of profits return to local Ghana community.

Hand woven with 100% combed carbon-neutral cotton.

Legend has it that the first Dagaaba man to settle in modern Lawra in Ghana was a man named Kontol. He crossed the Volta River from what is now Burkina Faso in pursuit of wildlife. After a while he became thirsty. Finding no streams or lakes to quench his thirst, he followed the tracks left by animals as their hooves and paws left tracks in the red earth of the sun-bleached savannah. This ultimately led him to a watering hole where he founded Boon & Up’s hometown, Lawra. 

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100% Cotton

Product Width


Vertical Repeat


Horizontal Repeat


Sold By

Linear Yard

Minimum Order

3 yards


4 -6 weeks

Ships From

Ghana / United Kingdom

Savannah Tracks Woven